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The start of recording a day. H2U smart watch automatically records the activity history, easily detects the sleep status, simply measures heart rate, and even includes EasyCard (Transportation Pass) in the watch band.
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H2U Smart Watch

  • Precision algorithms provides accurate walking record
  • Intelligent detection well records sleep status
  • Micro ECG module easily measures heart rate
  • EasyCard built inside allows convenient payment in store
  • Hypoallergenic antibacterial strap is equipped with comfortable ease
  • Intelligent switch between hibernate mode and awake mode
  • Gentle vibration alarm wakes you from deep sleep
  • Classic style design with elegant metallic texture
  • Exclusive App, cloud health management, lifestyle optimization
Acitivity Management
Precision algorithms effecitively manage activities and calorie burnt.

Say goodbye to 'No Time', step forward to convinient healthy life.


‧Assist users to record their activities anytime anywhere

‧Long term statistical analysis benefits setting exercise plans

‧Automatical activity data accumulation helps achieve personal health goal

Sleep Record
Professional sleep status detection detailed record whole night status.

Good quality of sleep facilitate longevity rather than long time sleep


‧Smart sensor detects and analyze whole night sleep status

‧Detailed sleep record assist schedule persional resting plan

‧Graphic result presented makes easy discussion with professionals

Heart rate measurement
Advanced heart rate measurement technology monitor anytime anywhere.

Let heart beat become meaningful


‧Electrode heart rate measurement module enhances accuracy

‧Micro ECG module easily measures heart reate anytime anywhere

‧Comparing before and after exercise improves efficiency of fat burning

EasyCard Life
EasyCard builted inside for enjoying all the functions.

Explore anywhere you like with H2U smart watch


‧Taking public transportation with easy pass

‧Lease YouBike with easy pass

‧Convinient small amount payment in store

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Download right now, start record your day!